4 Elements Arts


I am introducing  a new series of courses focused on feeling the 4 elements of Nature within our bodies.  How do the elements of nature relate to our own expression within our bodies?  


I will be using a series of techniques drawn from but not limited to:  Silvestre Technqiue, Orixas Inspired Movement, Tribal Fusion Belly dance,  and primal breath and movement exercises.  We'll be looking at ways to invite the body to move with more freedom in a relaxed environment.




In this first workshop of the series, we will explore how the breath moves in and out of the body.  How can we use this to expand or contract our movement?  Using Tarot imagery we will do a series of creative exercises on our own, in pairs and in small groups.


How can we use the breath and the idea of air to create inner landscapes that inform the shape and texture of our movements?  What do we find when allow the breath into the places in between our bones, and organs? All of this and more will be explored.


There will also be time for processing through journaling/quiet time.


Element of Air: The Breath & Inspiration, Spring

That elusive, warming and creative force that has helped us create food, story, hearth and home.   It can also destroy.  What does this element have to share with us in our bodies and with each other?  Using Tarot imagery and moving meditation, we will explore and journey through the season of summer.  Working in small groups and in pairs let’s see what stories we create that help us rekindle our creative flame.  Expect the unexpected and improvisation is encouraged!


Fire: What possibilities can be found in dynamic movements that we have not discovered yet? It is a an element that has the nature of all the others within, so it can survive, so how do our bones, muscles, and breath combine to create movement?

Element of Fire: Muscles & Heat, Summer

Element of Water: Muscles, Soft Tissue & Flow.   Autumn

Our bodies are made up of 95% water.  We love to be by the sea, rivers and lakes.  They, in turn, are ruled by the rhythms of the moon.  As we feel the full harvest of the year come in the Autumn, what treasures does she wish us to gather and begin to let go of?


What does the flow and ebb of water feel like in the body?  In our body, how do the soft spaces feel, what are the possibilities of their contractions and flowing? Using Tarot imagery, we will take a journey through the waters together.  We will work in small groups and perhaps in pairs making our inner dreaming come alive through movement. Come with an open heart.