4 Elements Arts


Introducing a new series of courses focused on feeling the 4 elements of Nature within our bodies.  How do the elements of nature relate to our own expression within our bodies?  


I will be using a series of techniques drawn from but not limited to:  Silvestre Technique, Orixas Inspired Movement, Tribal Fusion Belly dance,  and primal breath and movement exercises.  We'll be looking at ways to invite the body to move with more freedom in a relaxed environment.





These can be offered singly or grouped together, as desired.


The deep, dark Earth that nourishes life.  As Winter draws in, we are aware of the stones that form the bones of our planet.  What can they share with us in their seeming stillness and silence.  Let us retreat into the depths and wisdom of our bones.  Let’s explore our joints and the possibilities of movement they give us, whether we are of limited or limitless mobility.  Using Tarot imagery we will do a series of creative exercises on our own, in pairs and in small groups.


There is a place within to be found that can be a source of great comfort. Let us find our home within our bodies that connects us to the Ancestors and the stars, if we let it. As we understand our bodies, we can understand the Earth we live on.


There will also be time for processing through journaling/quiet time.


Element of Earth: Bones & Stones, Winter