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I've been training in various fields of complimentary healing for over 15 years.  I see healing as a process that each individual is capable of and I, hopefully, can help facilate your own process.  When I lived in the US, I worked with a variety of people doing Tarot readings, Reiki and bespoke herbal preparations back in 2000-2002.


When I moved to the UK in 2003, I undertook a deeper journey in to the new land I found myself in, and immersing myself in the plant and tree lore of the UK and am indebted to my teacher Master Herbalist, Gina McGarry of Ireland, for her teaching, guidance and support over 8 years of study.  I received my certificate from her Brighid's School of Healing Arts that includes: Organic gardening, lunar gardening, flower essences, essential oils, tincturing, medicinal and metaphysical properties of plants.  I am a Usui Ryoho Reiki Practictioner Level II.  I continually study various healing modalities.



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